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Dress Code

Refer to STPSB Handbook on attendance, discipline & student records. 

Our school uniform policy is listed below. 

Uniform Tops

· Solid Red, Black, or White Polo-Type Shirt with or without school logo

(Polo-Type Shirts must have a collar and no more than three buttons.)

· Plain T-shirts in Red, Black or White may be worn under the Polo-Type shirt.  T-shirt (short sleeve) sleeve should not extend past the sleeve of the polo shirt.  No T-shirt should extend past the waist of the polo shirt.

· Sweatshirts worn in buildings must be a solid color: Red, Black, or White with no writing other than the school logo.

· Jackets worn in the heated building must either be a zip up type where the school uniform is visible, or a pullover that is solid red, black or white with no logo other than the school logo.

Uniform Bottoms

· Khaki pants, skirts, skorts, or shorts must be plain and must be hemmed – no cut offs.  No stripes, flowers, or designs are allowed.  Pants must be secured at the waist with no undergarment showing.


  • Three (3) uniform or dress code violations will result in a referral.
  • Anything worn the entire day should be solid Red, Black, White, with the exception of Khaki bottoms.
  • Emblems other than BLMS may not be worn.  However, the BLMS emblem is optional. 
  • If a student wears sneakers with shoe laces, the laces must be tied.  If a student wears shoes with a strap of any kind, the shoes must be strapped.  Students are to wear sneakers in order to participate in P.E.
  • It is strongly recommended that students wear athletic/tennis shoes to school daily.  This enhances a safe learning environment. No open toe shoes are permitted.
  • Socks must not be distracting, as determined by the school principal.
  • Extremes in style and fit in student dress, and extremes in style of grooming, will not be permitted.  School principals maintain the right to determine extremes in styles of dress and grooming and appropriateness and suitability for school wear. 
  • Sculptured hair styles, which include pictures, symbols, letters, numbers, etc., will not be permitted at Bayou Lacombe Middle School.  Students are not permitted to wear Mohawks or hair that is colored in a manner that causes a distraction as determined by the school principal.
  • Students are not allowed to wear headbands or wristbands to school.
  • The school is not responsible for jewelry.  It is very important that students leave all expensive jewelry at home.  Hoop earrings larger than the size of a quarter will not be allowed for safety reasons.  Stud earrings larger than a pencil eraser will not be allowed.  Other jewelry should be worn inside the uniform



All clothing found on campus will be placed in the lost and found container in the gym.  Students may claim items by identifying them.  It is a good idea to mark clothing items with your child’s name.